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EMS production, design

Elgór + Hansen has over 50 years of experience in the production of electronic and electrical devices. We carefully design and make solutions for our clients, maintaining the highest quality standards. A comprehensive offer of design services and contractual assembly of electronic devices is based on extensive experience and a modern, fully automated production line.

- comprehensive assembly of electronic devices including programming, calibration and functional tests
- EMS contract production on a modern production line enabling automatic SMT assembly, mixed SMT, THT assembly, selective soldering of THT elements in a nitrogen blanket
- assembly in lead-free technology or lead soldering
- a set of post-production services, in particular automatic visual inspection of assembled systems (AOI 3D), cleaning of finished printed circuits using spray technology, varnishing and encapsulation
- a traceability system ensuring the traceability of the processes and materials contained in the finished product and their suppliers
- technical consultancy in the field of production provided by experienced electronics and engineers as well as a full set of additional services
- the possibility of financial support for production
- full and professional warranty and post-warranty service
- comprehensive logistic service of production including packaging and labeling of products, selection and delivery of electronic components and PCBs, maintenance of stock levels for subsequent production
- confidentiality of the entrusted documentation.