Frequency converters

1. Medium voltage converter EH-d18-F/3,3/I/001.21(download.pdf)

2. Series cooling devices EH-n00-UC/**/…/…..(download.pdf)

3. Power supply system using DC electric power transmission (rectifiers 1200kVA AC: 6kV / DC: 1.5kV, 2x 380A inverters with cooling system). (download.pdf)

4. Flameproof frequency inverter PNO-340 with cooling devices. (download.pdf)

5. Cooling system water-air and water-water(download.pdf)

The offer includes: PNO-340 frequency converters for suppling two asynchronous motors with fully regulated voltage up to 1kV (1.2kV) with a unit for powering machines and devices using DC electric power transmission (power rectifier 1200kVA AC: 6kV / DC: 1.5kV, 2x 380A output inverters with cooling system). These devices are used to fluent regulation speed of asynchronous motors installed in drives of mining machines of different applications. The converters are equipped with active rectifiers that enable the return of energy to the power grid.