Medium voltage power distribution equipment

1. Flameproof compact station up to 6,6kV (download.pdf)  

2. Flameproof distribution switchgear for the voltage of up to 10kV (download.pdf) 

The offer includes: distribution switchgears and compact stations up to 10kV adapted to work in networks with isolated neutral point. The proposed distribution switchgears have various versions: autonomous or integrated output (including the line, transformer or motor ones) or clutching versions, which enables composition of switchgears from one-field up to complex systems. The company's offer also includes two-output compact station that can be used outside closed electrical area. An important characteristic feature is the ability to simultaneously supply this station from two independent sources. This solution gives the user, in emergency situations, the ability to quickly switch between available sources of power, and if necessary and allows coupling segments of networks supplied from these sources in emergency sytuation.